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Fully Licensed






Experienced professionals to help you.

Only trained professionals in all areas are utilized at All-Source.  College educated or expert specialists are used for our cases.  Experienced with working for some of the highest profile clients in the country, our staff members pride themselves on courteous professionalism.  All-Source truly is--all-source based, utilizing the best available resources available.    


Frequently Asked Questions

What about client confidentiality?
All-Source will protect all client information. In Ohio, it is actually required by law to keep client information confidential by a licensed agency. We will not allow such information that pertains to our client, a client's identity, or the subject of an investigation, to be viewed or known by anyone other than our direct client. Such confidential and protected information will not be available to anyone other than the client without the consent and permission of the client. 


What kind of information does a background investigation reveal?
Depending on the purpose for the background investigation (premarital, pre-employment screening, business relationship, dating), the results could provide information about local or national criminal prosecutions, involvement in prior litigation, prior marriages or divorces, and types of assets.


How do you keep track of costs and time spent performing a service?
Our invoices will reflect the actual cost of any service we provide.  Invoices will reflect a total lump-sum amount agreed upon by All-Source and the client. Hourly services of course will reflect the hours performed for a particular activity (hours x rate per hour).


Are you a licensed Security Services Provider and Private Investigative Agency and do you carry insurance?
Yes, we are licensed through the Ohio Department of Public Safety (Homeland Security) as a Private Investigative Agency and also a Security Services Provider Agency. As a licensed Agency in Ohio, we are required to carry insurance. All-Source carries Liability and Errors & Omissions insurance.


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